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Wedding Food Trends

Check out these food trends: miniatures, more than just cake, traveling fare and more. Incorporate them into you big day.


Not only are people serving tapas instead of traditional hors d’oeuvres, they’re offering favorites such as BLTs, cheeseburgers, and tacos in chic, manageable miniatures. Also seen in bite size delectables are hors d’oeuvres presented in different mediums such as shot glasses and edible spoons.

In addition, an alternative to a typical seated meal of salad, entrée with starch and vegetable, and dessert is a “tasting” menu where a series of “small plates” are brought to your delighted guests.

More Than Just Cake

We’re not saying to kill the cake, but you might want to consider jumping on the gourmet train by having a small cake for presentation and cake cutting and adding another dessert to your nuptial fare. Everything from decadent dessert buffets to luxe, individual-size classics (think twinkies) are sweetening up weddings. Or how about individual cakes as your centerpiece on every guest table, each a different flavor, so guests can mingle and munch… or individual miniature cakes at every place setting, each artfully decorated? And, since monograms are hot, a plated dessert with the bride and groom’s monogram in chocolate is a nice and unexpected touch.

Traveling Fare

What better way to show your appreciation to guests than by sending everyone packing with presents:

  • Muffins wrapped in raffia-tied cellophane with a newspaper are the perfect parting gift.
  • Boxes filled with yummy rock candy, gumballs, and other sweet retro favorites (in your colors, of course) are divine. Even better, a “Sweet Dreams” station with colored “to go” boxes or bags where guests can choose from a variety of candies and make up their own goodie tote.

Food That’s “You”

Often a marriage is fusing two cultures and that fusion can be brought into the served cuisine – either in the meal itself or in just the hors d’oeuvre selection prior to the meal. Doing so is a small way of recognizing both families in the marriage.

If you have a lot of out of town guests, you can give them a “taste of the town” and serve something regional. Tantalize your guests with San Francisco favorites such as crusty sourdough bread bowls of clam chowder or crab and shrimp cocktails. If you’re marrying in a city that brews its own beer, be sure to stock the bar with it or with another signature drink from your hometown.

Did each of you have a favorite food growing up? If the bride loves “Twinkies” and the groom loves “Ho-Hos”, Twinkie and Ho-Ho “trees” on the dessert buffet are a fun choice for your guests. Let your caterer know what your favorites are and have them work your special requests into a uniquely creative menu.