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Serving more than 4 million clients over 70 years!

The Miraglia Story

We’re a third-generation, family-owned catering company that has provided catering and event planning to clients all over the greater San Francisco Bay Area. We believe that at the heart of every event is a delicious meal made with love and a room full of people who’ve come together for an important reason—or simply to enjoy each other’s company.

We Love What We Do

(Your Guests Will, Too!)

Jim Miraglia, a BBQ-loving butcher, got his start in hospitality in the 1940s at his Havenscourt Meat Market in Oakland. His passion for food and people led him to catering, where his very first event was a picnic for 1,127 people. This spiraled into many more incredible events.

Fast forward to 1970: Jim oversees the catering for five consecutive games in the Playoff Series and three World Series games, which involves 150 celebrities, enough coffee for 1000 people, 800 box lunches, 1000 live lobsters. The 24 hour-operation over a span of three days was quite the feat for Jim, Mike, Tom and the entire crew!

Perseverance and a hard work ethic tend to run in families. In 1978, Jim passed the torch to his son Michael and his wife Cheryl. Jim’s youngest son, Tom, also works in the business, as does his grandson Jim Miraglia III, who is the operations manager.

Miraglia Catering is the longest established catering business in the San Francisco Bay Area, having catered thousands of corporate events, weddings, anniversaries, grand openings and more. The focus hasn’t changed; we believe in coming through for people during the most important moments of their lives.

A Word From The Owner

We’ve been blessed with loving families where eating together and warm hospitality was the norm. At the heart of every get together was really wonderful good food. That’s what we strive to provide to our clients and ultimately, we hope that they and their guests can taste the love.

Our Motto

As a long established, professional catering firm, we provide peace of mind for our clients as well as food and service that will delight their guests.
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