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Calling The Caterer: Part 1

Learn what is important to tell the caterer when you call them. The more information you can give them, the more detailed proposal the caterer will be able to provide.

What You Need to Tell the Caterer

You may not yet know the answers to some of the following but that’s ok. For example, perhaps you haven’t decided what style of service or type of menu you’re interested in but you are able to tell the caterer that the event will be mid-afternoon and that you are expecting 150 guests.

Perhaps the caterer has worked in that venue several times before and knows that the venue only comfortably seats 100. Since it’s a mid-afternoon event, the caterer might suggest that you consider a heavy hors d’oeuvre service instead of a buffet or seated meal.

The more information you can give the caterer, the more detailed proposal the caterer will be able to provide:

  1. The occasion
  2. The date and time of the event
  3. The location
  4. Approximate number of guests
  5. Style of service: Buffet, Seated, Hors d’oeuvre, etc.
  6. Special menu requests (ethnic inclusions, dietary restrictions, “favorites”)
  7. Your own vision of your special event
  8. Your preferences for beverage service

And, of course, there are several things you should Ask the Caterer.