Seating Capacity

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Table Guidelines:

Use this handy chart for planning number of guest tables.

Table Size Seats

36" Square 4
48" Square 4 or 8
54" Square 8
6' X 30" Rectangular 6-8
8' X 30" Rectangular 10
30" Round 2 (this or the 36" round makes the perfect sweetheart table)
36" Round 4
48" Round 6-8
60" Round 8-10
72" Round 10-12
60" X 96" 10 (made by putting two 8' rectangular tables together)

The actual number in those with ranges above will depend on style of chair used. The lower number is preferred and the most comfortable for your guests. It is usually a good idea to set for one full table over your expected guest count.

General Space Guidelines:

If you are trying to figure out overall seating capacity, the following are some general guidelines (which are largely dependent on room configuration). Take the number of guests and multiply by the factor noted to determine approximate square footage needed:

Seating Style Factor

Classroom 8 (just for seating area, not presentation)
Theater 6 (just for seating area, not presentation)
Meal, with Rectangular Tables* 10-12
Meal, with Rounds Tables* 12-15

* Additional space would be needed for stage, dance floor, and/or buffet area (if applicable)